This file upload script uses the latest HTML5, Javascript and PHP technologies to offer a reliable and efficient end to end system to allow your visitors to upload files on your website.

More than 30 parameters can be set such as: enabling automatic upload, the maximum number of files, the maximum size allowed per file or in total, callback functions when an upload fail or succeed, enabling html5 notification, protecting the upload directory access...

This script can allow only file with a specific extension to be uploaded. In the following example, only images (.jpg, .jpeg, .png and .gif) will be uploaded to the server.


Upload and includes the script files to your server, add one line of javascript to your page and that's all!


This upload script is provided with a easy to use PHP library that take care of all security concerns for you


With different themes and more than 30 parameters, this upload script can be adapted to each of your needs

User Friendly

With drag and drop support and mobile compatibility, this script offers the best user experience


This upload script does not require any framework like Jquery or AngularJS but is still 100% compatible with them

For this example, custom settings are used: the files will be automatically uploaded, only 4 files are allowed for a maximum total size of 2MB.

Browser Compatibility


This Upload script will run on older versions of those browsers but some features may not entirely work.