Unleash 3 is an enhanced version of unleash 2 jQuery plugin that sold hundrends of copies on codecanyon.com, Unleash 3 now supports videos for desktops, improved responsive behavior, touch events, hardware accelerated animations, and more...

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Old Style Captions

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Main Features


Unleash fits any screen from desktops to mobiles, just resize the browser's window and see how unleash smoothly scales as you resize.

Public Methods

In Unleash you can call some methods after instantiating a slider, like opening a certain slide, closing all slides, start playing, pausing, etc..

Callbacks NEW

In Unleash 3, you can add your own custom code once an event is triggered, for example, you can run a code when a slide is opened or when dragging starts, etc..

CSS3 Animations NEW

Unleash 3 depends on CSS3 animations hardware accelerated which are faster and more efficient than old jQuery animations.

Video Support* NEW

Unleash 3 supports adding HTML5 videos in the slides and plays it once the slide is opened.

Touch Support NEW

In Unleash 3 you can drag a slide on desktop or swipe on touch devices in order to move slides, tested on iOS 7.

Lots of Options

Unleash 3 enables you to choose slide duration, hiding controls, choosing to open a slide on loading and lots of other options.

IE8 Fallback

Unleash 3 uses modernizr on order to detect unsupported features in old browsers and substitute them gracefully.

Create your content

Rather than just adding captions to slides, now you can add any content with multiple css3 animations and lots of options.

And more...

* This feature might not work perfectly on mobile devices

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