Ultimate directory plugin

Ultimate directory PRO lets you build any kind of directory site. It can be integrated into any theme and it can be customized to your needs. Make sure to check examples below.

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Shortcode based

Just write the shortcode you need and the directory appears.

Global Support

Works on all major html5 browsers and any theme.


Engage with your mobile and tablet audience.

Install in minutes

Install the plugin in seconds, then just copy shortcodes you need.

Display modes

Directory form ultimate comes with multiple ways to display your directory entries

Custom search

A big part of Directory sites is searching. Directory Ultimate lets you choose which fields to use for searching. It lets you add custom filters and choose styling also, so the search will fit your site as a glove.

Simple search: here
Big rounded search with filter dropdown: here

Custom lightbox

Present the items with an awesome customizable responsive fullscreen lightbox. Any fields can be populated in the lightbox. The advantage is that with this directory item will look the same in any theme! So no matter what theme you have, the directory item has an awesome preview in which details like phone number, address, working hours, location etc. can be shown.

See preview ⟶

Frontend submit forms

Directory entries can be done, not only by the moderators and admins but also by users you give acccess too. Membership to submit can be granted either automatically by paying with woocommerce or manually by the admin ( set custom permission on any user )

Custom builder

.. for the submit forms. Each of the front end submit forms you seen above have been custom built in our form builder. Any field can be added in the order you wish. The editor makes it easy to customize fully any front end submit form.

Membersip pricing tables

Want to allow only all users, or only your premium users to access to post entries ? Ultimate directory table allows that. Based on woocommerce - the handling and editing of products will be done in your familiar WooCommerce form, while the directory table will provide a fancy pricing table.

See demo →

Easy Install

Install The Directory Ultimate in just a couple of minutes. Docs are also there.


From mobile to HD, The Directory Ultimate are ultra responsive. Also has retina graphics.


Customize The Directory Ultimate with the many options included.

SEO Friendly

Built with SEO in mind, The Directory Ultimate parses html content into working magic.